Frequently Asked Questions

We get lots of queries from our customer therefore for your convenience we have complied these into some FAQ’s. Before contacting us, please check them as they may help you….if you still cannot find the answer to your question, then just contact the CashBag team via the contact page, calling 0113 827 2344 or calling into your nearest shop- we will make every effort to answer any questions you may have.

Our depots

1. Is there a limit to the amount of bags I can bring?

We can only accept a maximum of 10 bags. If you think you will have more please call us on 0113 827 2344 Please check our ‘what we buy’ page for what we do/do not accept.


2. How long does it take?

Our friendly staff will go through your items, the number of bags you bring us depends on how long this will take- just to give you an idea an average of 5 bags will take approx 20 minutes. We will thoroughly go through your items there and pay you instant, on the spot cash.


3. Some of my clothes show signs of wear and tear, will you accept them?

We accept items that are in a good quality, gently used condition therefore as long as they fit this criteria and they are re-useable we are happy to accept items. If you have any items that are damaged then we cannot accept them. If you are unsure whether you item will be accepted please refer to our ‘what we buy’ guide or contact us. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you.


4. I have some clothes that are new with tags or have never been worn; will you pay me more for these?

Some of our depots will pay a higher rate for clothes with tags- we advise you to check with your local depot.


5. What clothing items don’t you accept?

We do not accept clothing that shows any signs of damage, including; tears, rips, stains, holes, missing buttons/badges/labels/, worn or broken stitching, dampness, faded colours/logos/prints, broken zips/buckles, deodorant/aftershave/perfume/make up stains, tired/aged clothing, socks, dressing gowns, personalised clothing (e.g. Stag/ Hen T-shirts), uniform or ethnic clothing. We do not accept towels, curtains, books, CD’s/ DVD’s, games, rugs/carpets, household textiles or bric a brac! Please see our ‘what we buy’ page.

We do not accept clothing that is from retirement homes, school collections, charity shop stock or left over jumble sale stock.


6. When do I receive payment?

We pay you instantly then and there, on-the-spot and in cash. No waiting around required!


Collections (in Southampton & Portsmouth only)


7. I would like to organise a collection, how can I do this?

We currently only offer collections in the Southampton and Portsmouth area. If you are local to this area and would like to arrange a collection, please call 0113 827 2344.


8. I have a collection booked for today however something has come up and I need to go out, what should I do?

If your collection is booked for today and for any reason you need to leave the collection address prior to the collection, please contact our CashBag team on 0113 827 2344 as early as possible. We will cancel the collection and reschedule for your next earliest convenience.


9. I need to change my collection details… how do I do this?

Need to change the date of your collection or want to arrange a collection from an alternative address? Please contact our CashBag team via our contact us page or call 0113 827 2344 (9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday) to speak to someone direct. Please note we currently only operate collections in the Southampton & Portsmouth area.


10. I arranged a collection but no one came, what happens now?

If you arranged a collection but our drivers failed to arrive, firstly we apologize for the missed collection. Our CashBag drivers put every effort into making all collections that have been booked but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that collection times will not be missed due to external influences such as weather conditions, traffic delays and hold ups at prior collection addresses. If we miss a collection then please contact us on 0113 827 2344 and a member of the team will find out what has happened and re arrange the collection for a date and time next convenient for you. Please note we currently only operate collections in the Southampton & Portsmouth area.


General FAQs


11. What happens to my second hand clothing?

Your clothing is shipped for re-sale to the African countries, Russia, Poland, Latvia and Ukraine where the goods are made more affordable for families to buy. By doing this we also help to reduce the impact waste clothing has on landfill sites to the environment.


12. Does it cost me to use CashBag?

NO, there is no fee whatsoever for using CashBag! Whether you use your nearest store or arrange a collection (in Southampton & Portsmouth areas only), it is totally free! We pay you with instant, on-the-spot cash!

13. Do you share my personal details with third parties?

CashBag will never pass your personal information to anyone else, except where we are required or permitted to do so by law.