About Us

CashBag have one purpose and one purpose only: take in your unwanted good quality clothes and give you cash for them!

It’s not a fancy service but it’s one that’s sure to fill your pockets with cash. We don’t complicate things, you bring in clothes in good clean condition, we check them, weigh and then we pay, in instant cash! Your next spring clean could be your most lucrative one so if there’s clothes you don’t wear anymore, don’t fit, out of season or out of fashion, we don’t turn away good clothing.

We want you to walk in with full bags and leave with full pockets so bring your unwanted good quality clothes down to your nearest CashBag today. For a more detailed list of what we will and won’t take, click the ‘What We Buy’ link and you’ll find we accept almost everything that’s clean and reusable.

One peek into your wardrobe and you’re sure to find something you haven’t worn in a while and why leave it there when it can be worth some extra pocket money? Every wardrobe you open, every drawer and every storage closet is literally a treasure trove and we’re waiting here to pay you for those lonely items of clothing.

Filling your pockets isn’t the only reason to do it (although it is a good one!) Recycling your unwanted good quality clothes is a great way to help the environment and prevent all of that clothing from ending up in landfills polluting the Earth.

Environmentally friendly and financially rewarding – CashBag are here for you, helping you clear-out, get cash for clothes and recycle all in one service!

Get cash 4 clothes today with CashBag!